Top 2 Best Cuisinart Egg Cooker Models of 2019 Review & Comparison


For people who devoted to have eggs everyday but have only limited time to prepare, this Cuisinart egg cooker is the impeccable solution. Cuisinart egg cooker is one of the eggs steaming handy kitchen gadget set that comes out with the dual switching for boiling and warming functionality.cuisinart-egg-cooker

Most of the Cuisinart egg cooker includes water level indicator and drip tray not to contaminate the stuffed food items. Sometimes this Cuisinart egg cooker comes out with the handle to lift the lid easier without getting hurt from hot stove.

Cuisinart egg cooker is specially implemented with the removable egg holder to easily hold the device to cool under the tap water. Its non sticky coated surface let you to clean the surface easily and quickly.

All the Cuisinart egg cooker models turn out as a chef’s best companion to cook the eggs efficiently within a second. The only dissimilarity between the models of the Cuisinart egg cooker is about the quantity of eggs it holds.

Common Features Of Cuisinart Egg Cooker

The Cuisinart egg cooker molded with several kinds of features that comes out to benefit the users. I have drop down some of the common features of the Cuisinart egg cooker as follows.

Lid Implementation – Cuisinart egg cooker is specially vented with the stylish rounded shape stainless steel lid with steaming to perfectly boil out more number of eggs at a same time.

Boiling Mode – Cuisinart egg cooker includes three different modes of cooking such as hard, soft and medium.

Base Construction – It inbuilt with the nonstick coating for easy clean up.

Poaching Tray Unit – It lets you to poach more number of eggs within a short span.

Cooking Tray Module – This tray constitute the ability to hold from 7 to 10 eggs within a single unit.

Light Indicator – The light indicator implemented in this Cuisinart egg cooker allow the user to know the On/Off condition of the device.

Beaker with Measurement – The beaker with the measurement is used to indicate the amount of water to be filled in the egg cooker.

Automated Shutting Facility – After finishing the egg cooking, this innovative device automatically shut down the operation not to waste the power source.

Piercing Pin – The piercing pin is included in this egg cooker not to crack the egg shells during the cooking process.

Egg Holder Unit – It tends to hold the egg tight within the mould to prevent the eggs to get damaged.

BPA Free Quality – All the Cuisinart egg cooker models are specially designed with high quality BPA free plastic material to withstand against the extreme temperature.

Cuisinart Egg Cooker Installation Procedure

To start the installation process for the Cuisinart egg cooker, you must plug the power cord on to the power supply board. With the use of the measuring beaker, fill the base of the egg cooker with the required amount of water to cook out the eggs.

Place the egg over the mould of the cooking tray and then place it onto the cooker base. Using the piercing, you can able to safe guard the eggs not to broken out. Make sure that the pierced side of the eggs should be faced upwards.

After arranging the eggs on to the cooker, place the stainless steel lid to close the cooker for steaming. Switch on the egg cooker to start the cooking process and the buzzer sound remains you with the cooked eggs.

Top 2 Best Cuisinart Egg Cookers Chosen by BestEggCooker.Com

Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker


You may now cook more number of eggs within a single unit with the use of this Cuisinart CEC-7 egg cooker. It consist the ability to hold and cook up to seven eggs at a same time within a fraction of seconds.cuisinart-cec-7-egg-cooker

This handy Cuisinart egg cooker handles the poached eggs, medium boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs. Its brushed stainless steel lid let you to steam all the eggs perfectly. The poaching tray holds up to three eggs and its two egg holder design used for hard boiling eggs.

Its LED light indicator comes out with the audible signal to denote the ON/OFF state of this egg cooker. This electric egg cooker also includes inbuilt timer setup to adjust the soft, hard and medium egg cooking settings automatically.

The major difference between the Cuisinart CEC10 and CEC7 egg cooker is the egg holding capacity. The Cuisinart CEC10 egg cooker contributes with the ability to hold up to 10 eggs whereas CEC7 hold up to 7 eggs.

Cuisinart CEC7 egg cooker is specially designed with the automated shut off feature and standby mode to prevent the overheating. You can able to keep your burner free from cooking the eggs up to long duration and overcooking with the use of this egg cooker.

Its buzzer unit is used to loud out for alerting the situation when the eggs are finished cooking. The automatic shut off feature aids extra safety measure to the environment. With all such beneficial measures, you can able to make your cooking time easier with Cuisinart CEC-7 egg cooker.

Key Features

  • Automated shut off
  • LED light indicator


  • Timer setup
  • Buzzer alerting


  • Limited egg holding

Automated Shut Off Feature, Electric Egg Cooker For 7 Eggs

This electric egg cooker is used for cooking all kind of eggs up to 7 numbers and its automated shut off feature enables you to prevent the overheating and overcooking.

Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker


The Cuisinart CEC10 central egg cooker includes two tiered of cooking unit to allow the user for preparing up to 10 eggs at a same time. You have the rights to cook the boiled eggs, omelets and poached eggs with a single unit named Cuisinart CEC-10 Central egg cooker.cuisinart-cec-10-central-egg-cookers

Cuisinart CEC-10 egg cooker includes a beaker with measurements to pour out the accurate amount of water onto the cooking tray. Its inbuilt LED light indicator and standby mode allow you to guard against the overheating functionality. This heavy duty egg cooker needs only little requirement of maintenance measure.

It usually comes out with quick detachable trays to be used for the poaching eggs and making omelets. This cost efficient Cuisinart egg cooker constitutes the ability to control the cooking time by means of the amount of water filled in this cooker.

This compact egg cooker is specially mated with the audible buzzer system to alert the user after the cooking process gets over. It’s BPA free high quality plastic construction comes out with the brushed stainless steel to cook the eggs with the perfect round shape.

You can create soft boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs and medium boiled eggs with the use of this Cuisinart electric egg cooker. It is highly featured with the slider switching to turn the device on. A blue LED light indicator is used to denote the ON/OFF state of this electric egg cooker.

Cuisinart CEC-10 egg cooker’s built-in cord storage facility let the user to clean up the device easily. This egg cooker also includes 180 ml of measuring beaker and piercing pin to perfectly fit the egg onto the hold and prevent it from further damages during cooking.

Key Features

  • BPA free
  • LED light Indicator


  • High quality plastic
  • Prevent egg cracks


  • No automated shutoff.

Electric Egg Cooker, BPA Free High Quality Plastic Material

This Cuisinart egg cooker is a electric egg cooker that is mainly implemented with BPA free high quality plastic materials to make the device strong enough against high temperature.

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