Top 5 Best Microwave Egg Boilers of 2019 Review & Comparison


microwave-egg-boilerWhen it comes to boil several eggs without getting damaged, this microwave egg boiler unit is a preferable choice for producing the microwave egg boiler. Searching for the best microwave egg boiler is one of the difficult tasks.

So I did some research about several microwave egg boilers to pick the top rated products in order to save your time wastage. Here is the list of best microwave egg boiler products which I have mentioned in this article, to help you in cooking the lot number of eggs within a single unit.

Inexpensive Microwave Egg Boiler

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Top 5 Best Microwave Egg Boilers Chosen by BestEggCooker.Com

Miles Kimball White Color Microwave Egg Boiler


Enjoy preparing the boiled eggs in the microwave without any electric power supply. You can boil up to four eggs within a fraction of seconds at any time with a mess free of shell explosion. It includes two cooking modes such as soft boiling mode and hard boiling mode.miles-kimball-white-color-microwave-egg-boiler

With this microwave egg boiler, you want to add water to the base and place the eggs on their individual shells. Microwave it for 10 minutes to get the perfect rounded boiled eggs. It is specially designed with the hard plastic material.

This simple elegant microwave egg boiler makes your day perfect with egg boiling to prepare healthy nutritious breakfast. Its fashionable handy compact design enables you to freely control the egg tenderness and easy to cleans up.

Key Features

  • Two cooking mode
  • Elegant microwave boiler


  • Easy to clean
  • Prepare nutritious egg


  • No automated shut off.

Elegant Microwave Egg Boiler, Hard Plastic Compact Design

This microwave egg boiler is elegant and made up of hard type of plastic design to withstand against boiling temperature.

Nellam 4 Eggs Microwave Hard Boiled Egg Boiler


Don’t want to struggle with poaching and boiling eggs, Nellam microwave egg boiler is the most preferable one. Nellam microwave egg boiler is perfect for hard and soft boiled eggs. It is easy to cook four eggs at a same time in a quick processing without requiring any piercing pin.nellam-4-eggs-microwave-hard-boiled-egg-boiler

This unique microwave egg boiler safely prepares the eggs with complete control over the egg boiling time. It is specially designed based on the professional cooking models to help the chef for making several egg recipes within a short span.

Nellam microwave egg boiler is highly featured with the large density durable plastic material with high quality. Its food safe top quality material does not tends to contaminate the stuffed food item’s taste and texture placed inside the microwave egg boiler.

It holds aluminum plated shell to hold four eggs within the single unit. The materials used for manufacturing this modern egg shaped microwave egg boiler are BPA free plastic type. This dishwasher safe microwave egg boiler is ideal for convenient and safe egg boiling and easy cleans up.

Key Features

  • Professional cooking model
  • BPA free material


  • Safe boiler
  • High quality


  • Manual shut down.

Four Eggs Microwave Egg Boiler, Aluminum Flat Plate

This microwave egg boiler is perfect to prepare eggs for four which comes out with the aluminum coated plate to prevent the over cooking.

Teika Chicken Shaped Microwave Egg boiler


You can able prepare four eggs at a same time within a fraction of second by means of using this Teika microwave egg boiler. This microwave egg boiler usually comes out in a chicken shaped design to delight the user for cooking the eggs with more interesting.teika-chicken-shaped-microwave-egg-boiler

This sturdy food safe plastic microwave egg boiler makes use of the accurate amount of water to control the cooking time. The steam tends to perfectly cook the eggs every time and the buzzer sound will alert you to know when the eggs are well boiled.

Its automated turn off features enables you to prevent the overheating and over cooking functionality. This dishwasher safe egg boiler also includes the aluminum flat heating plate to be placed at the bottom of the microwave egg boiler.

Teika chicken shaped microwave egg boiler is designed with three different cooking modes such as hard boiling mode, medium boiling mode and soft boiling mode. Make your breakfast delicious and healthy with this microwave chicken shaped egg boiler.

This non electric egg boiler is specially designed with the high quality plastic material to withstand the microwave temperature. The interior shell of this microwave egg boiler holds up to four eggs such that to safeguard the eggs from cracking.

Its sleek design feature used to keep the boiled eggs fresh, soft and healthy for about several hours. This microwave egg boiler is a perfect fit for easy washing that it does not require piercing pin for boiling the eggs.

Key Features

  • Automated turn off
  • Aluminum flat plate


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Shut down automatically


  • No BPA free plastic material.

Dishwasher Safe Microwave Egg Boiler

This sleek dishwasher safe microwave egg boiler consists of aluminum flat plate at the base for safe boiling the eggs.

Joie Big Boiley White and Orange 4 Egg Microwave Egg Boiler


Prepare a tasty breakfast for four with this Joie Big Boiley microwave egg boiler. Its three different cooking modes such as soft boil mode, hard boiling mode and intermediate boiling mode provide a convenient usage with this microwave egg boiler.joie-big-boiley-white-and-orange-4-egg-microwave-egg-boiler

This four egg microwave boiler comes out with the design of white color with orange holder at the center part. This joie boiley microwave egg boiler is fair enough to prepare the healthy and nutritious breakfast.

It includes four interior shelves to hold eggs in an individual interior shelf. The piercing pin is implemented with the separate interior shell in this microwave egg boiler to safeguard the eggs not to get damaged easily.

Key Features

  • 3 cooking modes
  • Separate interior shell


  • Convenient usage
  • Four interior shelves


  • No integrated handle.

4 Egg Microwave Egg Boiler With Piercing Pin

Joie big boiley microwave egg boiler is used to prepare four eggs at a same time which also includes piercing pin to safeguard the eggs installed for cooking.

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler


The Nordic ware microwave egg boiler let you to prepare the healthy breakfast without having any kind of manual involvement. It provides enough space to store and it remains you to free from the usage of the stovetop.nordic-ware-microwave-egg-boiler

Its compact light weight functionality allows you to develop the soft boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs with in a fraction of minute. This egg shaped aluminum inbuilt egg cooker holds each eggs perfectly on its mold.

This BPA free and melamine free high quality plastic made egg cooker is perfect to withhold the extreme temperature from the microwave unit. It composed with the ability to hold four eggs at a time. It is usually made of the high density plastic material to withstand high temperature.

Nordic wave microwave egg boiler comes out with light weight design which makes you to easily carry along every travelling. Boiling water is not an option for this type of microwave egg boilers. This device does not require piercing pin to pierce the shell.

It does not cover up any ON/OFF switch and its tight fitting lid does not expose any heat radiation during the microwave cooking. You may use this Nordic wave microwave egg boiler directly in the microwave without a need of power supply

Key Features

  • BPA free plastic
  • Compact egg boiler


  • High portability
  • No manual involvement


  • No automated shut off.

Compact Microwave Egg Boiler, BPA Free High Density Plastic

This microwave egg boiler is a compact device which is made up of high density BPA free plastic material not to contaminate the stuffed food items.

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