Top 3 Best Microwave Egg Cookers of 2019 Review & Comparison


In the busy schedule, most of the people find troublesome to whip the eggs in a perfect manner. If you really want to knock out this problem, it is wise for you to go with the usage of microwave egg cooker.microwave-egg-cooker

There are several kinds of microwave egg cooker models available in the today’s market. From that, I have rounded up some of the best and top rated microwave egg cooker with the well qualified features such as timer, capacity, quality, design outlook and temperature ranging.

For an easy reference, I have selected some of the top pick of microwave egg cookers. All of them comes out with simple and elegant design but vary in its features and design outlook. I hope this review is a great quick start and worth to look forward for those who are in need of best microwave egg cooker for their kitchen.

Why To Use Microwave Egg Cookers?

Basically eggs are the rich nutritional source of omega fats, folic acid, iron, vitamins, minerals and proteins which should be attached in your regular food chart. The microwave egg cookers help you to make the eggs using the microwave device which avoids the usage of oil to fry out.

The microwave egg cookers constitute the ability to pay a way to cook out the eggs without using any large vessels filled with boiling water over the hot stove. It usually avoids your time and energy wasted to cook the eggs in stove.

Its quick cooking ability caters you to take advantage over the time not to be wasted in cooking it over long duration. With this microwave egg cooker, you can make one or more eggs right now just in a few minutes.

The microwave egg cookers tend to alleviate the high cholesterol in an individual such that it acts as the good and healthy source when consumed in an accurate measure. When you have the microwave cooked eggs in the morning session, it helps to boost up your energy level thereby promote all the necessary nutrient contents in your body.

To attain the perfect consistency to cook the eggs other than hot stove, it is best to invest your valuable money in a microwave egg cooker. Using the microwave egg cooker, you can able to cook the eggs faster than in countertop cookers.

You can make up a batch of hard eggs with these microwave egg cooker to finish your cooking task within a fraction of minutes. With the usage of microwave egg cooker, you don’t want to contribute much time to clean and maintain the device. Best of all, this microwave egg cooker is easy to clean and store for later usage.

Second Best Microwave Egg Cooker

cheapest spinning reel

Best And Inexpensive Microwave Egg Cooker

Mid Range Microwave Egg Cooker

Top 3 Best Microwave Egg Cookers Chosen by BestEggCooker.Com

Gourmet2day Microwave Egg Cooker


The Gourmet2day microwave egg cooker is the perfect solution for those who don’t have time to make healthy meals in-between the busy schedule. Its microwave egg cooker helps to whip out the normal eggs into your desirable food items without any mess or oil usage in the hot stove.gourmet2day-microwave-egg-cooker-for-scrambled-and-poached-eggs

This microwave egg cooker is one of the greatest gifts to be installed in every kitchen. Its small light weighted compatibility let you to carry anywhere during your travel. Gourmet2day microwave egg cooker can hold up to two eggs at a same time. This dishwasher safe microwave egg cooker contributes an easy cleaning option for the users.

Its high quality BPA free and FDA authorized plastic material provides the environment safe usage such that it is not hot to touch like that of other egg cookers. It also includes two perfect sizing of microwavable egg cups for preparing the nutritious food items within short duration timing.

Key Features

  • FDA authorized
  • BPA free plastic


  • Dishwasher safe unit
  • Compatible egg cooker


  • Bit pricey.

BPA Free And FDA Authorized Microwave Egg Cooker

This microwave egg cooker is a BPA free and FDA authorized plastic material not to contaminate the stuffed food items and also last for long duration term.

Chef Buddy Microwave Egg Cooker


You can have a tasty, nutritious and healthy breakfast with this chef buddy microwave egg cooker in a fraction of seconds. Chef buddy microwave egg cooker constitute the ability to cover up to two eggs at the same time for making the cooking task quicker.chef-buddy-microwave-egg-cooker

This microwave egg cooker is specially designed with the polypropylene plastic material and it feature with white in color. Crack out one or two eggs into the cooker and then add all your favorite toppings above the eggs. After that, cook the topped eggs in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

Its durable sturdy plastic construction makes the device strong enough to withstand against the microwave temperature. This microwave egg cooker is environment safe and easy to use in which you can able to cook all ingredients together in a short duration.

With this microwave egg cooker, you can able to cook the hardest toppings such as bacon, ham, sausage and vegetables within 1 minute. For kids, it is easy to turn the eggs into the nutritious sandwich for breakfast anytime.

Key Features

  • Durable sturdy plastic
  • Polypropylene plastic material


  • Environment safe
  • Hold 2 eggs


  • Difficult to clean.

Polypropylene Plastic Material

This microwave egg cooker is usually manufactured with polypropylene plastic material to withstand against the extreme microwave temperature.

As Seen On TV Egg-Tastic Microwave Egg Cooker


Enjoy cooking your desirable egg recipes with the use of this As Seen on TV egg tastic egg cooker without any kind of mess. With the use of this microwave egg cooker, you can able to heat and save the eggs at the perfect cooking

Crack the eggs in the ceramic pot to mix all the required ingredients based on your desire and then microwave it. You need only minimal effort to cook the eggs for producing the tasteful fluffy eggs with the use of this microwave egg cooker.

Its vented designed top confesses all the steam to breakout for circulating the moderate heat and similar cooking over the ceramic pot. Prepare your eggs in this same vessel without using additional dishes with full delight.

This microwave egg cooker is highly designed with non stick coated surface which does not require oil or grease for cooking the eggs. It further keeps the bottom non-slipping during your preparation.

As Seen on TV microwave egg cooker is also referred as egg tastic egg cooker that includes the portable design feature to carry anywhere of your choice. This dishwasher safe microwave egg cooker grants you to clean the device easily.

Key Features

  • Vented top design
  • Egg-tastic microwave cooker


  • Perfect cooking temperature
  • Easy to clean


  • No handle design.

Non Stick Coated Microwave Egg Cooker, Dishwasher Safe Unit

This dishwasher safe microwave egg cooker is specially featured with the non stick coating to prevent the usage of oil items to prevent the high cholesterol.

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