DB-Tech Automatic Shut-off Electric Egg Cooker Review


There are several brands for Egg Cooker in market, among that DB-Tech is ranked as the topmost brand. Gain perfectly done eggs for breakfast painlessly with this stylish automatic egg cooker that results you with boil-dry protection. The boiling water will be filled in the base area and the eggs are arranged above so that eggs may be easily cooked in it. The accurate amount of water is added to determine the stability of the eggs to be hard, medium, soft-boiled, or poached. It helps you to pick whatever you prefer. Plates are provided to arrange the eggs in order so that the eggs will be separated from other eggs. The inner structure of the cooker preserves eggs from damages. Several eggs are boiled at the same time in constant temperature.

Finally after the eggs are boiled the cooker automatically shut-off or gives an alarm when the eggs are poached. DB-Tech Automatic Shut-off Electric Egg Cooker is a well designed product to make our work trouble-free.


The advanced features of  DB-Tech Automatic Shut-off  Electric Egg Cooker is listed below.


Automatic Shut-off

It helps you to avoid the carelessness of not noticing the eggs boiled in the cooker. DB-Tech egg cooker has welfare of automatic shut-off option i.e. when the eggs are poached or boiled the cooker automatically shut-off its work or a buzzer sound is raised to let you know the eggs are done. If the water level according to the mode selected is decreased, the buzzer sound will be raised.  

Rapid Boiler

Perfectly cooks pretty nearly 1 to 7 eggs in just a few minutes. The boiler heats up rapidly boils your eggs magically and beats up your expected level. Your precious time will be rescued while using the egg cooker. Whatever the size of the egg is placed the cooker boils it well and reflect it with the expected size with fully boiled.

Flexible Service

Clear glassy lid allows you to sight eggs while cooking. A tray is provided to place the eggs in the particular place with particular distance. The egg tray allows you to transport easily from the egg cooker to the place you serve your food. Compact size helps to store eggs when not in use. The cooker is easily carried out. Quick and easy steps are structured to boil eggs. The water level according to your preference will be filled according to the markings in the bottom of the cooker. It makes your work easier.

The machine can be used to cook other food like egg custard, bun and rice cooking.

Health Alert

The water present in the base area of the cooker cooks the eggs present in the upper area with the help of electricity. The eggs are not boiled automatically with the help of gas or electricity; it is cooked using the water present in the cooker. You can check that by the absence of water after the eggs are done. When there is limited water in the cooker and the egg has not boiled an alarm is raised to alert you.


The cooker can be cleaned easily after cooking. The parts of the cooker can be easily removed and replaced. There is no problem of automatic shut-off after long use. The parts in the cooker can be removed and fixed as per your wish.

Key Features

  • Clear glassy top
  • Stylish compact structure


  • Flexible directions
  • Automatic shut-off


  • Egg piercing tool is dull

Transparent Lid With 7 Egg Boiling Tray

The lid used within the device is durable and it is transparent in nature. Further, up to 7 eggs can be boiled with the help of boiling tray used in the device.


If you are in need to buy an egg cooker then the DB-Tech Automatic Shut-Off Electric Egg Cooker will be the best choice as it ensure the eggs comes out perfectly every time and they never stick to the shells. It cooks 7 eggs in one cycle. It saves lots of hassle and time. Shut-off automatically in your absence. Safe and advanced invention when compared to other egg cookers.

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