Goodway Electric Egg Boiler Review


The Goodway 5 egg-electric egg boiler, is an appliance which is specially designed to boil eggs, this electric egg boiler is for daily egg eaters, egg lovers who would like to eat a warm nourishing egg every day with an easy boiling machine who don’t know to cook.goodway-electric-egg-boiler

When you are busy doing some other works this boiler is used in automatic setting too cook the eggs and then stop after the boiling, this helps in saving time and more over saves the eggs from damaging or cracks, while the powder coating on the vessel which refuses to be scrubbed off, it makes perfect eggs every time.

Earlier when we used to boil eggs in water they were overdone or underdone but never perfect. With this Boiler the eggs are boiled perfectly. If you like to eat boiled eggs everyday go for this product.

The product is very compact and easy to clean and store. They have provided a measuring cup with the product. Boiling an egg is not as easy it should be boiled without any cracks or damage in it. The product is available with 6 months of warranty.


Product Material

The Goodway 5 egg-electric egg boiler, is an appliance which is made of a plastic body outside inside is made of stainless steel which is biased by a powder coating in it , it is provided by 5 small cups in it to boil the eggs.

It also traps steam while boiling; only 25 ml of water is poured in it to boil the eggs within 7 min. This helps to provide super fast soft eggs; you don’t even need to puncture your eggs simply you can insert your eggs in the oven and put on your switch the eggs will be ready in 7 min.


The Goodway 5 egg-electric egg boiler is with the capacity to boil five eggs at a time. For a small or a medium size family this egg boiler is more convenient to go on, so that if they arrive during late night this egg boiler will be able to prepare quickly and fast.

If any guest arrives home unknowingly then this helps in preparing a quick meals or snacks. Instead of preparing hard boiled or cracked eggs you can prepare a better soft eggs or a egg curry with spices in a low time.


The Goodway 5 egg-electric egg boiler is the energy sufficient egg boiler with a power consumption of 200 watts, which just needs to be plugged on to start working, by adding 25ml of water into it and just wait for 7 min a smooth non sticky egg is ready to eat.

For a bachelor who is not able to cook can use this product whenever hungry can use this boiler to cook by their own, and so it is highly compactable.

Automatic working

The Goodway 5 egg-electric boiler is designed by the automatic on and off of the machine when the eggs are boiled it automatically off the system. This system protects from the damage of the eggs and the device from water boiling, and it also helps in saving time from the kitchen.

You just need to put the eggs in the tray and on the system,, when the eggs are boiled it is automatically turned off, which helps in get rid of tension.


  • Very simple design.
  • Easy to boil eggs.
  • Compact size and can be taken anywhere.
  • Soft boiling of eggs without any damage or cracks.
  • You can boil 1-5 eggs comfily in 7 min.
  • Auto turn off machine after the eggs is boiled.
  • Easy cleaning of device.


  • The Goodway 5 egg-electric boilers power wire is very small so it can be placed only nearby slot
  • Costs little high.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel material
  • 200 watt power


  • Compact size
  • Easy boiler


  • Cost high.

Automatic Turn Off Machine

The Goodway 5 egg-electric boilers is the very effective device, the eggs are kept in the boiler and is turned on, after the boiling of the eggs the boiler is automatically turned off.


The Goodway 5 egg-electric boilers are very useful for the egg lovers for providing fast egg snacks or meal instantly or for preparing egg curry.

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