Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker Review


Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is a cooker designed with full of creative and innovative structure. The egg cooker was introduced to boil eggs in quick manner.maverick-sec-2-henrietta-hen-egg-cooker

 It helps to boil number of eggs in a single cycle within a few minutes. Limited amount of water is filled in the bottom of the cooker and the eggs are placed in the tray. Using electricity the eggs are boiled or poached.

The eggs are boiled hardly and softly. Two ways of methods are followed i.e. hard or soft boils up to seven eggs and poaches up to four eggs. Unique egg cooker boils water into steam for precisely the right length of time to cook the eggs when done by Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta adjustable water levels determine proper length of time. Indicator light is present to view eggs. It is highly easy to clean if after the work done.

Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is a cooker designed with full of creativity and innovations. It attracts customers by its hen shaped appearance. Children believe the eggs are directly boiled from the hen. It brings the reality in it.


Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker has some advanced features and they are listed below.

Hen-Shaped Appliance

The first impression of Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is the creative appearance that attracts everyone and prompts customers to buy. The cooker is designed in hen shaped appearance.

Interior Design

It holds two racks the poaching tray holds 4 eggs and cooking rack holds 7 eggs. This kind of arrangement makes a neat and clean work to be done. The bottom area of the cooker will be filled with water and the upper portion with the multiple racks. The base contains 1 to 3 water levels for soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs. It measures approximately 7 by 7-1/2 by 8-1/2 inches. The cooker weighs in at 2 pounds.

Magical process

The Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker will cook up to seven eggs according to your desire, if you decide you want hard or soft boiled and up to four eggs if you want poached or scrambled eggs. You will love the fact that a thing will not happen with the Henrietta is the green ring you get when you cook eggs which you hate.

The base area of the cooker has various water line marks that will determine the type of egg you wish to cook. It can be cooked from soft to poach or whatever you need. Once the appliance is switched on an indicator light present in the cooker will switch on. The water boils and steams the eggs to whatever you prefer. Like a hen the Henrietta “chirps” when the eggs are cooked.

Easily Cooked

The eggs are placed into this egg maker. Just add needed water and plug the chicken in to any wall outlet and then only wait a couple of minutes, the Henrietta makes delicious eggs for everyone. The cooker makes chirping sounds that may sound more like an alarm to alert that the eggs are cooked.

Attractive Results

Like other egg cooker Henrietta does not leak water. The different shaped eggs are boiled in different size. So you feel interesting when you have it. Once the egg is done an alarm is raised from the cooker.

Key Features

  • Hen-Shaped Appliance
  • 7 by 7-1/2 by 8-1/2 inches


  • perfect poached eggs
  • Steel Body


  • Doesn't have an on/off switch.

Unique Design With Double Tray

It is an egg cooker with double tray which separates the process of boiling and poaching eggs. The design of this cooker is attractive and it is in the shape of hen.

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