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How to Use an Egg Genie

How to Use an Egg Genie

Most of the people love eggs and like to try different dishes with the eggs, in such cases an egg cooker will help you in preparing the tasty food. Today we are going to check out about using one of the best Egg Cooker Egg Genie in depth below.

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Egg Genie

It is an egg cooker which helps in cooking up to seven eggs automatically without any need of saucepan or water. It is considered to be the most preferred kitchen appliance as it acts to be more convenient and also help in preparing the food efficiently with high performance. Unlike another egg cooker, they are mess free as they have compartments for cooking egg separately.

If you are the one which includes egg in your daily routine of diet, then it is essential to purchase an egg genie.

How to use an Egg Genie?

Ok, now you have purchased the egg cooker, but what if you do not know how to use them? To help you, here are the ways to use the egg genies for each type of Egg cooking. Egg Genie is considered to be the most valuable appliance of the kitchen as they can prepare dishes quickly and easily. Apart from cooking eggs, they can also be used for steaming vegetables. Proceed below for using the egg genie for various type of egg dishes.

For Boiled Eggs

The egg genie has the unit which is capable of boiling seven eggs at a single time; you can rinse egg for sometime before adding to the egg genie. Add the required amount of water to the egg genie aluminum plate; you can make use of the measuring cup provided for adding the water.

If you need the egg to be soft boiled, then add the quarter cup, half for medium cooked and full cup for the hard boiling of the egg. You can find the egg tray that comes with the built-in spike, place the egg on then by piercing the narrow tip. The ventilation hole makes the removal of eggshell easier after cooking. Place single egg in the egg tray within the recessed hole by piercing and make sure they are facing up.

You need to close the dome and then on the power; you will be given an alarm signal if your egg is ready. Switch it off and then pull out the plug. Let the eggs be there for few minutes before serving them for the taste.  

Poached Eggs

The unit is capable of poaching four eggs at a single moment, similar to the boiled procedure add the required amount of water to the aluminum plate. You need to add half the cup for poaching four eggs and then close it with the plastic dome lid. Plug the egg cooker into the outlet and on the switch on the unit; you will be given an alarm signal if the eggs are poached. Let the eggs cool and serve it after few minutes for the taste.

Note the Safety Precautions

Egg Genie is compatible and the best egg cooker for preparing various types of eggs, but make sure you follow the safety precaution as it is electric related. You can find the plastic dome with a hole for the steam to escape while cooking. You should not stand over or place your hand or other body parts near the hole when the eggs are cooked to avoid the steam burns.

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Bottom Line

Hope the above explanation on using an Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker helped to know about the cooking process in detail.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the Egg Genie Egg Cooker are welcome.

Have you ever used the Egg genie for preparing various egg dishes? If so, let us know your experience through the comment section below.